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Beauty Services

Natural Health Enhancers

Purifyig Back Treatment

A deep cleansing treatment that will help you to achieve a flawless back.

Ear Candling

A natural and safe method to improve ear health. Removes build up and excessive toxins. Great for sinus sufferers.

Ionic Foot Bath

A new detoxifying treatment that removes unwanted toxins and simultaneously revitalizes nutrients. Discover the health benefits of an Ionic Foot Bath.

Ionic Foot Bath & Pedicure


Anti-Cellulite Treatment

Visibly reduce the appearance of cellulite. The ingredients in both our "hot" and "cold" treatments trick your fat cells into thinking you're working out! Best results can be seen in 3-5 sessions.

Package of 10 treatments


Hydrating Treatment Apricot Glow

A total body experience! This ultimate skin resurfacing treatment combines wild rose oil, apricot stone, and rich sea salt to replenish essential minerals back into dry, tired skin, and intesifies moisture absorbtion for extended softness and radiance.